Electrical Panel Upgrades

How do you as a home owner/or commercial building owner know when it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade or replacement?

Consider how old your existing electrical panel and home are. Most homes 30+ years that have never had their Electrical Panel replacement or upgrade in this day and age

can most definitely benefit from upgrading electrical panels by replacing worn connections that can be hazardous to your home including  causing house/building fires.



Many Electrical panels in homes & commercial buildings are not equipped to operate with the amount of  appliances being used today.  This can cause under-performance of appliances which can be damaging to the appliances due to insufficient power distribution and on the other hand damaging to the electrical panel system inability to withstand the workload.


For all the electrical panels we upgrade, we install power surge protection breakers, which protects all of your appliances and electronic equipment in the event of a power surge from hydro lines or even natural lighting.”